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How A Retail POS System Can Grow Your Business

Your retail business can benefit greatly from a custom tailored point of sale (POS) system that works for your individual needs. The right POS system will never be a one-size-fits-all solution. The right POS can help you achieve success by providing your business with the tools you need to increase efficiency and profitability. Sync Payments will find you the perfect solution to all of your retail money-handling needs.

  • Here are some factors to consider when choosing a Retail POS system:
  • Reliable Credit Card Payment ProcessingWhat kinds of payments do you want to accept? Credit cards? Apple Pay? PayPal? The foremost function of your point of sale system is to accept different kinds of payment from customers including credit card processing and other newly developed apps. It must communicate quickly and reliably with payment processors to reduce downtime and help you provide the best customer service possible.
  • Ease Of UseThe cash drawers must be accessible and secure, the software must be lightning fast and easy to use and learn, and it must be reliable during peak selling hours. If your POS fails at a critical moment it will reflect badly on your business. Your customers should not have a hard time figuring out simple tasks like refunds or discounts or worse, curse at the computer while helping the customer.
  • Additional FeaturesDoes your retail POS software need to handle inventory management and customer loyalty programs? Do you want to offer and accept gift cards? Does it keep track of customer purchase history and real-time sales data? Or do you simply need a receipt printer? The POS features available for small businesses are varied and powerful; knowing what your company can benefit from will help you make the right choice when faced with a wide array of features.
  • ScalabilityThinking about where your business is and where it is going, will help you choose your retail POS system because it needs to have the flexibility to grow alongside your business. You’ll be surprised at the level of functionality that is available to you for affordable prices. Your data can also be stored locally or web-based in the cloud so when you do grow, your data will always be available.
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Clover Systems

Sync Payments is proud to offer the full range of Clover POS systems. Clover stations were developed by the top industrial designers to be able to perform as good as they look. Best of all, the full range of Clover terminals cover any need for in store or mobile use.

  • Some of our Clover options are:
  • Clover StationThe high-end finishes of the flagship in store terminal combines style and functionality with a large 11.6” touchscreen, integrated hi-res camera for barcode or QR code scanning, and an internal power cord that supplies the terminal and printer power.
  • Clover MiniFunctionality in a small package, the Clover Mini handles all forms of payment including Apple Pay and gift cards. The Mini features a large touch screen, intuitive interface and wireless connectivity.
  • Clover MobileImagine being able to take your terminal throughout the store to check out customers at their convenience. This can reduce check-out lines or prevent a line altogether. The Clover Mobile is amazingly easy to handle and contains all the high end finishes and features of the larger countertop model. It has also been drop tested for maximum durability even in rough environments.
  • Clover GoWhen you need to leave the store or if you are a mobile business, the Clover Go is the perfect POS hardware to bring wherever your business takes you. It includes all features the other Clover systems have and makes it easy to take your business to your customers.