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Business Upgrades Benefiting You and Your Customers

Many small businesses share the same struggle of wondering how they can stay up to date in a market that continues to evolve. One major challenge is keeping up with the ever-changing trends to maintain the success and relevance of your business. From point-of-sale systems to credit card processing, upgrading your business can set you up for continued and future success. There are easy and cost-effective ways to upgrade your business while benefitting both operators and their customers.

While many small business owners are hesitant to give up their old ways and systems, it is in their best interest to upgrade to a trusted, reliable, point-of-sale (POS) system. Your POS system is the heart of your business and directly impacts the customer experience. The right POS system will make running your business exponentially easier through time savings, organization, real-time sales data, inventory alerts, and user monitoring.

It is extremely important to do your research before making the decision to get a new POS system especially when it comes to credit card processing. Some point-of-sale companies require that their merchants use their integrated credit card processing plan. These companies can have varying fees and hidden fees that can have a detrimental impact on your business. Working with a company you trust has your best interest in mind is game-changing.

Sync is able to provide both point-of-sale and credit card processing, and while we recommend utilizing our services for both, we do not require it.  Rather than having one solution for everyone, we create custom solutions and products for your business to increase efficiency and profits. By providing several solutions such as cash discounting, the money you can save drastically outweighs an exit fee from a company that is overcharging you.

Upgrading your business benefits both you and your customers. Your customers are able to enjoy their shopping/dining experience more when their payment capture is easy and quick. They will leave your business on a positive note feeling good about the experience and more likely to return. As a business owner, do not be afraid to try new ways to improve your business especially when it comes to the functionality and reliability of the right point-of-sale system and credit card processor. Working with someone you trust will provide you with the best solution is critical. It is easy to fall for sales gimmicks only to be left on your own after signing. When working with sync you work alongside our world-class support team even after the sales/installation process is over. Having a local team you can rely on 24/7 is one way to ensure you are making the right decision.

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