Waitlist Resized | Sync Payments

Do you have the newest integrations implemented in your POS system? 

Restaurants are facing new customer behaviors that were created as a result of the pandemic.  Communication that was typically face-to-face pre pandemic, is now shifting toward communication via technology. We see restaurants shifting towards technology through implementing online menus, online ordering, QR code payments, waitlist options, and food delivery integrations! Customers expect restaurants to be able to efficiently be able to communicate and operate via technology.

Customers are making decisions as they scroll through their phone. Where should they eat? Customers now expect the option of online communication. They want to have the option to quickly look at a restaurant’s social media page and see what the specials are, or if the restaurant still closed on Tuesdays.

Customers expect to be able to easily place and pay for orders online. They even want to be able to track the exact time their delivery order will arrive at their door.  If they were planning on dining in and you have a long wait the chances of losing that customer is high. Customers generally do not want to wait. Due to restaurants being understaffed and longer wait times than usual, customers expect the option of a reservation or being able to put their name on a waitlist via a mobile device. Customers want to ensure they will not have to wait for a table.

These customer behaviors will not change anytime soon. However, staying up to date with the latest technology will ensure your customers have a good experience no matter the dining style. As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, restaurants are generally understaffed due to the pandemic. This means fewer tables and longer waits.  Now more than ever, customers do not want to be waiting on top of each other when the restaurant is on a wait.

If you have not already integrated a waitlist app into your Point of Sale, now is the time. While there are plenty of online reservation and waitlist apps to choose from the cost varies from affordable to outrageous. It can be hard to tell what the best option is for your business. Sync’s Focus POS has incorporated a waitlist feature that can be implemented for just pennies a day. Be sure to follow along on our social media channels and watch for more information highlighting our waitlist feature.  You can reach out to Sync for additional information.