Gift Cards

Why doesn’t YOUR business offer gift cards?

Give Your Customers The Personalized Gifts And Customer Loyalty Program They Want

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Why Use Gift Cards?

Gift certificates have been an important way for businesses to allow their customers to give the gift of convenience. The more recent advancement of gift cards have made it easier for businesses to manage gift programs.

When you set up a gift card program your business will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Encourage Customer LoyaltyTo redeem the funds on a gift card, customers will have to revisit your store. When a customer gives your gift card to someone else, you have the added benefit of word-of-mouth advertising.
  • SlippageIt is estimated that 10-15% of gift card balances are never used which equals additional capital to you. Further, gift cards keep track of value meaning you do not need to refund a customer in cash if they do not use the entire balance.
  • CustomizablePlastic loyalty cards and custom cards can easily identify your business’ branding and image.
    Refunds – Instead of issuing cash refunds your business can easily handle exchanges, refunds, and returns by putting the value on gift cards. This ensures the customer will continue to spend in your store.
  • SecureGift cards require activation to be used and the magnetic striping allows for secure activation and the payment to be processed only through your POS system.
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Improve Your Profitability

For businesses that are looking to gain more profit, with Sync Payments you can take a simple gift card program and turn it into a multi-faceted, value-added marketing program. Now you can run customer loyalty programs, fine-tune your marketing to target select customers, and instantly trigger messages and offers to individuals based on their activity. With the low cost of a complete loyalty card program from Sync Payments, every transaction brings more money to your bottom line. Your business can integrate a loyalty card app with your current loyalty programs, allowing customers to manage and use their loyalty rewards without needing a card or having to sift through emails.

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Embrace Repeat Business

Traditional marketing methods like radio and TV ads, billboards, and coupon circulars may get customers in the door, but gift cards and loyalty programs are a simple and cost effective enhancement to businesses that want to retain and reward repeat customers. Smart business owners understand the need to find a way to provide incentives to current customers to encourage them to keep coming back. Equally important is finding a reason for your new customers to return. Our loyalty solutions help you to identify and reward your best customers. This special treatment can guarantee they see the value your business provides and they purchase more goods and services.