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Cash Advances

Business People Laptop Meeting | Sync Payments

Sync Payments can help you secure a short-term, lump sum payment based on the longevity of your business and the volume of your credit card transactions. Merchant cash advances are used by a wide range of business owners that have steady credit card sales, and they can provide short-term working capital for their immediate business needs such as:

  • Renovations
  • Business expansions
  • Seasonal opportunities
  • Emergency needs

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Gift Cards

Multi Colored Cards | Sync Payments

With Sync Payments you can take a simple gift card program and turn it into a multi-faceted, value-added marketing program. Now you can run customer loyalty programs, fine-tune your marketing to target select customers, and instantly trigger messages and offers to individuals based on their activity. With the low cost of a complete loyalty card program from Sync Payments, every transaction brings more money to your bottom line.

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Payments on the Go

Mobile Phone Credit Card | Sync Payments

In the past, small businesses that operated without a storefront or from a remote location were only able to accept customer payments by cash or check. Not anymore. Small businesses can accept credit card payments anywhere using a smartphone or tablet, and the start-up costs are relatively inexpensive.

Sync Payments will provide you with the secure, reliable payment processing you need so you can be flexible with your location and when you are open for business. Now your business can be represented at farmers markets, school fundraisers, county fairs – the possibilities are endless!

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Restaurant & Bar POS

Crowded Restaurant People Lights | Sync Payments

Take control of your inventory levels, reduce your food costs and boost your bottom line with a powerful restaurant inventory management system from Sync Payments.

The possibilities of how your POS can integrate effective restaurant inventory management into your current processes can improve your efficiency and raise your restaurant’s profits are endless.

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Retail POS

Crowded Hall People | Sync Payments

Your retail business can benefit greatly from a custom-tailored point of sale (POS) system that works for your individual needs. The right POS system will never be a one-size-fits-all solution. The right POS can help you achieve success by providing your business with the tools you need to increase efficiency and profitability. Sync Payments will find you the perfect solution to all of your retail money-handling needs.

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