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Is your POS system updated with the newest trends?

As we enter 2022, restaurant owners will notice many similarities with 2021. Technology implementation is crucial and will still need to be a primary focus for the independent restaurant operator.

One way restaurant technology evolved in 2021 was through Contactless Ordering. Contactless Ordering should be a priority for restaurants in 2022.  Restaurants who have not implemented online ordering to date need to make this a priority as well. The majority of restaurants are offering a very simple and easy way to place an order.  Restaurant customers have become very savvy at using online ordering and even find that they prefer it over traditional methods. Customers like the accuracy and the time savings online ordering provides.  Today when customers call restaurants to place an order, they may be faced with busy signals or being put on a hold. This could be detrimental as it may turn customers away, decrease their frequency of visiting, and may cause them to stop coming all together.

Restaurants that have already implemented online ordering should be moving to an integrated online ordering system that functions seamlessly with their POS system.  Eliminating the need to re-enter an order into your POS is crucial for the efficiency of your restaurant.  Integrating your online ordering system to your POS eliminates reentering the customers order, creates a guest check and prints directly to your kitchen.  Your online ordering system should be able to adjust order ready times based on the amount orders coming in, the peak periods for dining room orders and accounts for large orders that require more prep time.

As we have mentioned in our previous blogs, QR Code Payments are also going to see a big increase in adoption even at your full-service restaurants.  Customers who choose to dine in, are coming for the experience.  Customers are dining in for the fresh, hot food, and the interaction with a vibrant server that is eager to tell them their favorites and the specials. However, once the meal and experience are over, customers do not want to wait around. Waiting on an overworked server to bring a check, come by and pickup the credit card, process the card, and return to the table with the receipt can ruin the great experience you just worked so hard to provide.  Providing customers with a guest check that allows them to scan a QR code to pay will provide the best ending to a great dinner.  This is a big bonus for the manager as it ensures the server doesn’t accidentally run a credit card on the wrong check.

For more information on how Sync can implement these features into your restaurant you can contact us at details@syncpayments.com or call anytime at 314-782-3465.