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The most important point of any sale in a store or restaurant is the moment a customer hands you their money. The sale transaction has to be smooth and quick and if your St. Louis area business still uses the old system of an electronic cash register with a barcode scanner and an attached credit card reader, now is the best time to upgrade to a state of the art POS system.

A growing business needs the ability to process multiple transactions securely, but a streamlined POS hardware and software system has further advantages that will help you manage your employees, analyze your sales, and make your business run smoother overall.

Easy to use

These days, all technology seems to be touchscreen technology. Touchscreens allow for customizable interfaces and navigating them is easy. A simple interface that is intuitive to use reduces the time it takes to train a new employee resulting in them being productive sooner.

Faster service

No customer wants to have to wait as a cashier has to fumble around to conduct a simple transaction. Long lines are bad for business because customers will get frustrated and walk out. And if a customer has something complicated like a return or if they find an error, or if guests want to split a restaurant tab, the POS system should be easy enough to use so that it doesn’t require multiple managers and approvals or for the cashier to need to be retrained.

Better receipts

Receipts are more and more important when it comes to returns and customer service. With some POS systems, you have the option to customize your receipts with far more than your business name. You can add coupons, provide information about your loyalty rewards program, promote events or your social media channels, or state your return policy.

Accept gift cards

Loyalty programs are a great way to promote your business, and an upgraded POS system will allow you to issue your own gift cards as well as track individual customers through a points-based loyalty program.

Track sales

POS systems can help you monitor sales in real time and simplify daily accounting. A cloud-based POS system can allow you and your managers to monitor your business on the go.

Manage employees

Your POS system can also be used to allow hourly employees to clock in and out, view their schedules, and request time off all from the same dashboard.

St. Louis-area businesses from Laclede’s Landing to Wentzville, are finding out that a cutting-edge POS system is one of the best investments they can make in their business. Call SyncCommerce today, and our team will assess your current point of sale system and devise a plan to upgrade to replace it with newer technology.