Cash Discount Program

Sync Payments will help your business implement a cash discount program.



Processing fees can take a huge chunk out of your bottom line, why not offset them with a cash discount program?

Offer your customers a cheaper way to pay

A cash discount is when a merchant offers a discount to any customer that pays by cash or check instead of with a credit card. Your business will post a sign indicating that a service fee is added to all posted prices, but that this fee will be waived for those who pay for cash or check. This fee will offset the costs of processing fees for merchants, and promote the use of cash and checks for customers.

Here is an example:

Your main street general store sells candy, curios and local favorites. Your business pays the same 3.5% processing fee for every credit card transaction. A customer at your register sees a price of $15 on an item and buys it with their credit card. The processing fee that you pay as a merchant means that this potential sale will cost you $0.53 in processing fees. If you use a cash discount program, this item may cost the customer $14.47, and you $0 in processing fees.


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With Support from Sync Payments Your Business can:

  • Clearly list all service fees and cash discounts on your receipt
  • Customize your fee structure and the amount you charge
  • Get free signage to notify your customers

Cash is king

Or it is at least when you are trying to avoid processing fees. A cash discount program can help offset that.


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Are Cash Discounts Right for Your Business?

Before you implement a cash discount program, there are a few factors that will influence your decision:

Are cash discounts common in your market? – If customers are accustomed to cash discounts in other businesses in the area, they are probably expecting yours to have one. Conversely, if your business is the only one that does it, people who are used to using their card everywhere will complain.

Do you rely on repeat business? – If so, then you may want to reconsider a cash discount program. If your business has nearby competitors that sell the same products or services, a customer that prefers to use credit cards may prefer to do their business elsewhere.

Is your product or service discretionary or mandatory? – Customers that are required to purchase your product or service, for example rent, utilities, gas, will appreciate more payment options. Customers that are purchasing discretionary good or services like handbags or RC cars may prefer to buy these things elsewhere if your prices for credit cards is higher.

Do you want more cash payments? – A cash discount will lead to more cash purchases which is a good thing if you want to reduce the impact of processing fees. However, one thing to keep in mind is that customers that use credit cards tend to spend more money

Sync Payments will help you implement a cash discount program. Contact us for a free consultation about how you can reduce your costs and help your bottom line.

With support from Sync Payments your business will be able to

Clearly list all service fees and cash discounts on your receipt.

Customize your fee structure and the amount you charge.

Get free signage to notify your customers.

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