Being the new guy or gal at the company isn’t easy. This goes double when you are in a management role—triple when you’re the one in charge of all the money. Ain’t CFO life grand?

Cfo Person | Sync Payments

Actions speak louder than words, especially in business. When everyone is watching what the new kid on the block will do when the ball’s in their court, one of the best actions you can take as a new CFO is finding a quick fix that ups the efficiency of a process. After all, efficiency equals money, and you were hired to make the business profitable.

One of the easiest, yet impactful, ways you can accomplish this is by looking at credit card processing vendors. Because not much thought is usually given to the credit card processing vendors, odds are that you can probably improve your organization’s current credit processing system in a way that no one has considered before. Next thing you know, you’re the company innovator, the one who can turn anything into gold.


Upgrading your credit processing technology to something fast, efficient, and even automated, is simple when you have the right partner. This is where Sync Payments comes in. We let your business process payments safely and efficiently, reducing the busywork and giving time back to your team so they can focus on the things you need. And we integrate to thousands of software’s including QuickBooks®, and thousands of payment gateways like® We will help you expand your payment options and give your customers the choices they want while keeping the whole process secure. Sync Payments reduces security liability and regulation adherence with easy to implement technologies centered around the payment ecosystem.  Further,


What better way to show the boss your initiative and insight than leading an easy change that ups efficiency, saves time and money for everyone, and makes your customers happy? Partnering with Sync Payments will help you do just that. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started on the right foot.