Quickbooks and Accounting Software

Post payments in real time with Sync Payments.

Quickbooks and Accounting Software

Seamless Accounting Software Payment Integration

No matter what financial software or accounting system you use to organize your financial statements or if you are a retail store or restaurant, it isn’t feasible for you to enter every customers’ payment directly into it. When you deal with customers face-to-face the speed of checkout and payment is essential to great customer service. This is where Sync Payments can bridge the gap between your point of sale system and the program you use to record sales.

Whether your business uses QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, Xero, Sage, Freshbooks, or any one of dozens of options, Sync Payment’s payment integration software can reduce processing costs and protect your profitability. We allow you to process credit card transactions that automatically post the payments to your financial software safely and securely. This means customers can pay you easily, leading to fewer receivables and outstanding balances.

How Your Business Can Benefit

Any business, particularly small businesses, can see an immediate impact with an accounting software payment integration from Sync Payments.

  • Quicker Cash Flow – Never wait again to get post payments when they occur. By closely monitoring your incoming credit card and check transactions and having them processed and posted at the time you are paid, you can get better handle on your cash flow and reduce the days your payments are outstanding. This is critical for small businesses as even a thousand dollars of delayed deposits can have a huge impact.
  • Save Time And Money – Integrating your payment processing can save time spent on re-verifying and re-entering credit card data. Also you can track payments easier which allows you to process cancellations and refunds and match them to invoice payments accurately. Eliminating double-entry of payments reduces human error and having to reconcile long lists of payments that may not add up the first time. Since time, or more accurately lack of it, is important to small businesses, this factor can bring immediate results.
  • Integrate With All Major Credit Card Companies – You can integrate easily with the payment platforms of all major payment card providers–and even online payment platforms including PayPal. Some integrated options even support gift card payments.