Clover POS

Steady profits depend on a stable POS system

When your business needs a robust, all-in-one point of sale and payment solution, The Clover Station POS system is your answer.

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Sync Payments will make the payment process quicker and easier with Clover

The point of sale has always been a sticky prospect for any business. It needs to be quick but it also has to do a lot of tasks at once accurately and safely. The Clover POS system allows you to run your business from a single terminal which means you can process payments faster, accept more forms of payment than ever before, and effortlessly engage your customers.

Clover POS systems are designed with your business needs in mind and Sync Payments can customize your consoles so they do what you need them to when you need it.

  • Accept more payment types - From magnetic strips to EMV chips, to Apple Pay and beyond, your Clover system can accept it all.
  • Easy to implement, easier to use - Training new staff to use your Clover consoles is easier than ever thanks to intuitive and familiar touchscreen controls.
  • Made for peripherals - Clover POS systems are built to be compatible with a wide range of peripherals from weight scales to kitchen printers and more.
  • Safe for every transaction - Clover offers a proprietary security package that safeguards every transaction to keep your customers and your business safe.
  • A retail POS system for any occasion - Depending on your needs, with Clover devices, your retail business can operate outside of the storefront without any loss of functionality and features.

Small business owners need to make smart decisions when investing in something as critical to the health of their business as their point of sale system. You need to have options that help you evolve and grow your business while getting total value from the data this powerful tool can collect for you.

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Help Your Customers

Clover stations were developed by top commercial designers to be able to perform as good as they look. Best of all, the full range of Clover terminals cover any need for in-store or mobile use meaning they can handle the rigors of a busy Black Friday or a slammed afternoon in a food truck. From the first transaction, you will see how Clover packs everything your business needs in to a payment solution you can use to run your business from anywhere.

Clover Station

The high-end finishes of the flagship in store terminal combines style and functionality with a large 11.6” touchscreen, integrated hi-res camera for barcode or QR code scanning, and an internal power cord that supplies the terminal and printer power.

Clover Mini

Functionality in a small package, the Clover Mini handles all forms of payment including Apple Pay and gift cards. The Mini features a large touch screen, intuitive interface and wireless connectivity.

Clover Mobile

Imagine being able to take your terminal throughout the store to check out customers at their convenience. This can reduce check-out lines or prevent a line altogether. The Clover Mobile is amazingly easy to handle and contains all the high end finishes and features of the larger countertop model. It has also been drop tested for maximum durability even in rough environments.

Clover Go

When you need to leave the store or if you are a mobile business, the Clover Go is the perfect POS hardware to bring wherever your business takes you. It includes all features the other Clover systems have and makes it easy to take your business to your customers.

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Process any payment, anywhere with Sync Payments

If your business is new and needs a payment processing solution, or if you are tired of the unreliable system you currently have, call Sync Payments. The right payment processing technology can be the remedy your business needs to process more payments, serve more customers, and help grow your bottom line.