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Expand How Your Clients Can Pay

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Challenges With B2B Payments

B2B credit card processing can be challenging for small businesses. Many clients and customers are changing how they manage money by saving time and paying their invoices with credit cards and other digital methods. While this has obvious benefits over physical payment methods like mailed checks, a small business needs a secure and compliant solution for accepting credit card transactions. Some payment processors charge processing and interchange fees to small businesses that want to accept credit card payments for every transaction processed which reduces their bottom line. They may require expensive software that must be purchased and installed.

Some payment processors make it difficult with:

  • Changing processing or interchange fees
  • Requiring expensive software
  • Hiding fees within the fine print

A small business needs a solution that is not only cost-effective but transparent.

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Transform Your Online Payment Process

Sync Payments can audit your B2B credit card processing needs to make sure you have the ability to accept any payment and maintain your cash flow while avoiding excessive interchange fees and processing costs.

We offer a unique web-based solution that is accessible from any browser and requires no software installation. Our solution is a secure payment gateway that allows you to enter level 2 and level 3 data which is required by universities, government entities, and hospitals for credit card transactions. This allows you to be compliant with PCI standards and also benefit from lower card processing fees.

Visa is helping purchase card users find vendors. Are you on the list? We can get you there to keep your existing customers and drive new business to you!Sync Payments will make sure your online payment processing solution is encrypted, secure, and that it meets or exceeds all necessary security requirements for your industry.

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Streamline Your Business

It is getting easier, more cost effective, and safer for businesses to accept credit cards for business transactions. Sync Payments can be your guide to broadening your payment processing abilities and maintain a steady cash flow, which allows you to reach new clients.

A refined process is something that develops with experience, through trial and error, and Sync Payments has been perfecting our B2B payments process since day one. Reduce errors, cut down on processing times, and put your best foot forward with Sync Payments. Put our experience to use and see how we can add value to your payments processes.