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Business to Business

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B2B credit card processing can be challenging for small businesses. Many clients and customers are changing how they manage money by saving time and paying their invoices with credit cards and other digital methods. While this has obvious benefits over physical payment methods like mailed checks, a small business needs a secure and compliant solution for accepting credit card transactions.

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With the click of a mouse, your customers can access any product found in your brick and mortar store, all online. Small businesses need a secure, easy-to-use eCommerce platform to support online sales and services. Sync Payments will customize a payment gateway solution that allows you to accept credit card payments and other payment methods such as Apple Pay and PayPal to help increase your sales.

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Office Entry

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With Sync Payments, recurring billing and phone credit card processing has never been easier. With our recurring billing software you can bill your clients through a subscription billing and payment plan model which will save you time and energy. We have an easy, intuitive mobile app to simplify the process from point of sale and delivery to payment regardless of the timeframe necessary. When you have a customer that requires you to keep a credit card on file, we safely and securely store it for you so you can easily handle all recurring billing.

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Restaurant & Bar

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Your point of sale system is a mission-critical component of your restaurant or bar. How you handle payments in your establishment is a major part of providing accurate and quick service. You want customers to remember the ease and friendliness of your service as much as they remember your amazing drinks and delicious food. The point of sale system in your establishment needs to be accurate, easy to use, and always reliable. Sync Payments provides a system designed specifically for restaurants. This system can be enhanced with many features designed for restaurants to improve efficiency.

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Our state-of-the-art, secure payment platforms provide some of the most advanced solutions available for your retail store. This goes beyond receipt printers and cash drawers with additional retail POS features like:

  • Software that allows you to better control your inventory management in real time
  • Analyze sales data
  • manage gift cards and loyalty programs
  • review customer purchase history.

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