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The Rise of Ghost Kitchens

Over 70% of restaurants have reported staffing shortages as one of the biggest challenges they are facing post-pandemic. By operating under a Ghost Kitchen you can eliminate the need for a waitstaff.

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Reward Your Most Faithful Customers

Loyalty programs are on the rise! As we discussed in our previous blog post, loyalty programs can drive an increase in sales, encourage repeat customers, and connect you directly with your customers.

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How to Give Back During the Holiday Season

The Spirit of Giving

Restaurant owners receive requests for charitable donations daily.  If you do not have a budget and process for these requests, you could find yourself donating yourself right out of business.  

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Restaurants Post Pandemic

What Does Your Restaurant Look Like Post Pandemic?

Turn back the clock to January 2020.  Most independent restaurant operators did not offer online ordering, their social media presence was limited, and they certainly were not using third party delivery services. 

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Staffingissues | Sync Payments

Restaurant Staffing Challenges

How will Restaurants Survive the Current Staffing Challenges Brought on by COVID? 

Sadly enough, not all restaurants will survive. The issues created when restaurants are short-staffed go beyond the obvious of providing service to your customers.

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