Profundiza | Sync

Sync is excited to announce our partnership with Profundiza.

Profundiza was founded to support restaurant leaders in St. Louis’s Hispanic community. Led by successful restauranteur and entrepreneur, Angel Jiminez-Gutierrez, Profundiza offers consultancies and education to Mexican restaurant owners. With nearly 20 years in the industry, Angel has empowered dozens of restaurant leaders through his leadership and consultative services.

Together, our mission is to strengthen the success of restaurant leaders in the Hispanic Community. We have created a proven, full-service solution that perfectly combines consultancy and technology to minimize stress and maximize profits for Mexican restaurants.

Consultation services

Successful local restauranteur, Angel Jimenez-Gutierrez, with Profundiza, will provide consultation and ongoing education on all key components of your business including but not limited to; guest experience, menu costs, restaurant procedures, finances, administrative needs, and so much more. Through Profundiza, you will also be provided with business manuals to help navigate challenging decisions and situations.

Turnkey Technology

While Profundiza supplies educational materials and consultancy services, Sync provides the technology to ensure your business runs smoothly with your newfound restaurant knowledge. In collaboration with Profundiza, Sync’s technology will allow you to; easily manage restaurant operations, deliver a superior customer experience, leverage data to make decisions, efficiently implement menu changes, and protect your business from theft. Sync also can provide a loyalty program with several customizable features including the option to send personalized marketing emails to your customers.

When working with Sync and Profundiza, we have your back. Let us help you simplify your business, reduce your costs, and maximize your profits!

“Our partnership with Sync and Profundiza has streamlined our processes across all 6 restaurants I own and operate. Sync’s system has also dramatically increased our profits.”

– Alex Ayala, Owner, El Indio

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