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Mobile Payments


Using the phone you already own!

Did you know your phone can be safely configured as a card-present swipe device? Simply add a card reader to your handset and install an application, and you’re ready to go. We offer a number of mobile software application options with low start-up costs for iPhone™, Blackberry® and other popular mobile devices. We’ll help you get started quickly.
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Dedicated Mobile Terminals

Battery-powered mobile POS terminals often look like their desk-bound counterparts, and have the ability to print receipts. Instead of wired phone or Internet lines, these terminals communicate using the cellular data infrastructure. Our dedicated mobile terminals include:
•    VeriFone Vx610

Using your own Laptop or portable device

Transform your laptop computer or notebook into a card-present payment terminal with iTerminal. All you need is an Internet connection and a card reader or PIN pad – iTerminal does the rest. Learn more about all the benefits of this low-cost way to accept credit and debit cards.
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Touch Tone Capture

Touch Tone Capture lets on-the-go merchants accept payments using nearly any phone – no smartphone or Internet connection required. To use Touch Tone just call a special phone number, key in the card information and receive your audible authorization – that’s all there is to it.
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