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Products & Services

Our customers choose us because they can trust our products and technology. Our state-of-the-art, secure payment platforms provide some of the most advanced payment solutions available in the marketplace today, both online and at the point of sale.

Point-of-Sale Payments

Take advantage of the many benefits of credit and debit card acceptance at the point of sale.


Online Payments

Our comprehensive set of online payment products makes it quick and easy for you to join the e-commerce revolution



eCheck is a payment solution that directly debits consumers’ bank accounts for payment of goods or services. Electronic Check Processing enables you to accept payments at the point of sale, online, via mobile device and over the phone


American Express Card Acceptance

Sync Payments can help you get started with American Express. Click here to apply online. OR, if you prefer, call them and apply by phone: 855.894.6570. ***After American Express issues you an account please call Sync Payments at 855-796-2729 (press “0”) with the Service Establishment Number (SE#) or send it to us here and please remember to include your business name and Merchant ID with (12 digits and starts with 444…)




Rewards, Gift and Loyalty Cards

Get your customers to come back more often and spend more while they are there!

Give revenues a huge boost! Gift cards that run on the Sync Payments platform can be so much more.

Evolve from simple gift to enhanced gift, loyalty, and REWARDS to email and text marketing!


Mobile Payments

With our mobile  solutions, success just got easier and less  expensive. Taking transactions in the field allows you to concentrate on making the sale and giving great customer service. Plus you get lower fees for swiping cards!

Don’t be Square and pay higher fees.  We’ve got the best solution for real businesses.  Call to find out about our FREE offer.