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Simple Payments Integration

Commerce Web Services (CWS) provides payments integration access to software companies, financial institutions and service providers seeking easy access to new payment services through one API. Integrating payments services to your application using CWS will provide you an easy, low-cost and efficient development experience. Utilizing a language neutral integration path allows developers to quickly enable access to multiple payment services and provider(s) while still leveraging the  end-to-end life cycle management process.

SOAP Implementations

For developers using .NET, JAVA, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python or other object oriented development languages, documentation and support for payments integration through a SOAP interface is provided. SOAP provides a programming API through a web service reference. It is intuitive and easy to use as all of the data is validated through rigid type checking.

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REST Implementations

Software companies coding in scripting languages such as Javascript, PHP, Perl, and AJAX on web pages, will find a rich library of support materials for a REST implementation. REST is easy to build and does not require any toolkit or service reference API.

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Supports Complex Workflows for e-Commerce, Point of Sale and Cloud-Based Applications

Software Companies choosing the CWS integration method will experience how easily complex workflows and features are supported using CWS. Seamlessly implement host or terminal capture workflows, easily execute advanced features including managed billing and secure authentication and quickly access multiple payment types, including: credit, debit, gift and ACH, through simple APIs made available through Sync Payments.