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7 Secrets for Creating Awareness Using Mobile Technology

83665211_thumbnailThis year, the number of people around the world who have smartphones will reach over 2 billion. And, according to statistics published by emarketer, that number is expected to grow to over half the global population by 2018. That means that online retailer Amazon will be accessible even to people who live in the Amazon.

This is good news for businesses. People now have everything they need to reach you in their pockets. While a global market does increase competition, the trade off is a level of accessibility that can maximize sales growth while minimizing overhead. A little creativity and investment in mobile can help any business grow quickly.

Here, then, are some secrets we have found that will help you capitalize your mobile efforts.

  1. Make sure you are on the map. Have you ever decided to eat out last minute? More than likely, you used the internet to help you choose a restaurant. Now, people are turning to their phone’s navigation to help them find what they need. Geo-navigation apps (including Google maps) provide everything a person needs to find your business. Imagine how many customers you are missing out on by not being on their map?
  2. Take advantage of Google Plus. Getting to the top of a search list on Google is big business. An entire industry has been built around practices that get the attention of Google’s search engine—and getting to the top of those search rankings. Google’s own social media site Google+ can be a big boost here. With Google+, your location, hours of operation, and customer reviews can appear when a people search for your business or something similar. And having a correct Google+ listing also help Search Engine Optimization.
  3. Start Sending Mobile Coupons. Whether through email or text messages, sending mobile coupons is a great way to keep your customers aware of your business. Offering incentives to shop at your location helps keep your business in your customer’s mind so that, next time they need your services, they will think of you. Alternatively, a points system like that available through Perka can help drive additional purchases and encourage loyalty to your business.
  4. Take Advantage of Apps. The right apps can let customers browse items more easily, track loyalty points, keep up on events with alerts and news, and so much more. Not only do these things build loyalty and create a sense of community for loyal customers, but they also help you track information about your best customers. This data can make your campaigns more effective. Ideally, apps should be integrated with your POS and CRM programs for maximum data sharing and effectiveness.
  5. Make everything sharable. Today, people trust peers more than they trust institutions. When customers share their activity with your business on social media, they are providing endorsements to potential customers. Think of it as free PR. Of course, there is the possibility to receive negative responses as well. You must be confident in your brand and your products. However, most people now are very savvy and know how to weigh the negative reviews from the good ones.

Marketing through mobile technology can be intimidating. But, once you get started, you will find that it can be the simplest way of promoting your product or service. And much more affordable than traditional marketing. If something does not work, you can always look at your data and try something new. Remember, it’s about convenience for your customer.

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