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7 Key Touch Points for Restaurants and Retailers

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Every restaurant and retailer strives for sales growth. But few understand that selling starts before customers even set foot into your building. Any point of contact a customer has with your business is called a touch point. Identifying your touch points and leveraging them is essential to sustainable sales growth.

The idea is to have the first word. In essence, you are suggesting ways in which customers  should think about you and your brand. This can get tricky with social media where publics can influence your market through sharing. But, if you are already on that space, you can still guide the conversation in your favor.

Here are a seven extremely important touch points you absolutely can’t miss if you are a restaurant or retailer:

  1. Customer reviews With sites like Yelp and Amazon, your audience has the freedom to leave reviews about your business–even if you don’t set up a profile with these websites. Set the tone for those comments before your customers have a chance to. If you run a restaurant, it is imperative to open a Yelp account. If it’s a retail shop, reach out to commenters on Amazon to try out your product for an honest review.
  2. Customer Feedback. People are willing to share their opinions, so why not ask for their feedback directly? Using an app like Perka, you can have customers leave reviews and feedback right after purchase. This not only allows you to troubleshoot problems immediately, but it sends a signal to your customers that you care about their experience.  
  3. Geo Navigation As discussed in (Insert blog post) if you aren’t on the map, literally, you might as well not exist. Be sure your location and website can be found on both android and IOS maps. You can do this by starting a google plus account, a yelp account, and by going to mapsconnect.apple.com.
  4. Cyber Coupons Many people need a good deal before they take a risk on a new product or restaurant. Groupon not only offers exposure through their targeted email list, but can also bring in customers who otherwise wouldn’t give your business a shot.
  5. Mailers Have you ever discovered a new favorite restaurant close to home and wondered why it wasn’t noticed earlier? Sending out mailers lets people know you are in the neighborhood. This is especially good for reaching people who may not have access to the internet. Also, if your menu or products is unusual, people may not know to look for you online. Mailers solve that problem. Mailers are most effective with coupons which not only advertise your business, but give customers another excuse to pop in.  
  6. Pinterest Not just for DYIers, Pinterest is a great platform to promote new products, menu items or events. For retailers, providing pins of different ways to use your product can spread the word quickly. For restaurants, appealing images can draw in a crowd. The key is to have high quality, well done images that stand out. Low quality images and poor graphics are distracting and can leave a bad impression.
  7. Vimeo/Youtube/Snapchat The beauty of social media is its flexibility for responding to trends and markets. Creating short three second videos of people using your products or attending events at your venue can help shape those trends in your favor. Vimeo is good for small, sharable promos, while youtube is great for tutorials which can be shared on pinterest or other social media. And Snapchat is great for starting conversations. Be sure to take advantage of each of these (essentially free) services.

The more you understand your audience, the easier it will be to pinpoint their interactions with your business. Being aware of each possible touch point is the most effective way to interact and guide your market. This will give you the edge you need to see your business meet its full potential.

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